How It Began

An academic journey that began with StrengthsFinder resulted in the architecture and design of leadership.

Motivated by our value of authenticity.

Our mission is to leverage human capital to help others realize their full potential.

Our vision is a world where all people have the opportunity and skill to fully participate as leaders in their lives, organizations, and communities.

Our values are the common thread that run through every aspect of our practice, from the talent designs we create, to the business decisions we make:

  • Authenticity - we integrate the inner life with the rest of the world.
  • Consideration – we cultivate relationships by tailoring development opportunities to individual strengths.
  • Creativity – we challenge traditional thinking and offer new ways of living.
  • Integrity – we never compromise the high level of integrity that we demand of ourselves.
  • Positivity - we view each interaction with another as an opportunity to increase his or her positive emotion.
  • Transparency - we believe sharing the underlying reason and intent is the only way to create the highest levels of openness, communication and accountability.

It's all about
Point of View

My enthusiasm for my work comes from the fact that people are very willing to change their thinking if someone will only give them a different point of view. They want to have the biggest impact. Once they know how, they change their behavior.

It's all about Strengths

People want to get the most from themselves and from their careers. And when people find the right fit and are encouraged to grow and learn, they are not only more productive, but they are also better partners, parents, friends and community members.
  • Gallup (2006)
    Chris & Dennis met while attending graduate school at the University of Nebraska's Gallup Leadership Institute in 2006. Paired on a project during a trip to China, they quickly realized they had more in common than economics, marketing, and strategy.
  • Her Bounds (2006)
    Chris was a dynamic and impactful global executive in hospitality where she infused strengths based leadership and coaching as part of the culture elevating people and performance
  • Graduation (2007)
    As graduation neared, Chris and Dennis continued to explore what was next for them. Both felt passionate about taking their strengths coaching experience to the broader world.
  • Freelancing (2008)
    Chris was on a layover in Chicago, and Dennis met her overnight to strategize on launching a consulting firm as freelancers, for now.
  • Sector Flip (2010)
    Dennis left his career in financial services to begin working in the social sector, while advancing his coach training.
  • His Leap (2015)
    With some restructuring changes at the social sector organization unfolding, Dennis made the final leap to put dedicated time and attention into Leadership Architecture & Design.
  • Her Leap (2020)
    Chris had a growing desire to make more of an impact in the world and thought that with so many needing to transform, it was the perfect time to join Dennis at Leadership Architecture & Design.

Ready to build a coaching culture?